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Auto Magic Car Care Survey   Auto Magic Online Training: The Detail Zone!   Auto Magic Car Care Survey
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     Take the Auto Magic Car Care Survey!


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1. How did you find out about the new Auto Magic« Online Training Site?
Search engines  Auto Magic distributor  Auto Wax Company regional manager  
Auto Magic mail-out  Word of mouth   Tradeshow    

2. Which group(s) are you a member of?  Please check all that apply:
Auto enthusiast    Street rod association member   Antique car owner   Restorer Racing enthusiast    Car magazine reader    Car club member    

3. Which do you prefer? (Check One)
Paste Wax Liquid Wax 

4. Why? Check the boxes for your three most important reasons why you prefer one over the other. 
Easier to dispense   Provides more uniform coating    Easier to wipe on
Easier to wipe off    Longer lasting   Deeper shine    Better protection
Leaves no white residue   Less time to do the job    Does not build up

4. Please indicate as specifically as possible which wax you use: (What Brand?)

5. How do you determine when it is time to wax your vehicle? (Select up to 3 responses) 
Low gloss  Water beading reduced   Water stops sheeting off   Scratches appear 
Special Occasion   A routine time interval has passed since last wax   
Getting harder to clean   Doesn't look new any more   Losing slippery feeling on vehicle 

6. What new product(s) or accessories would you like Auto Magic« to produce/supply.


                   Thank you for your input          


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