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                                     Product Technical Bulletin

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PRODUCT NAME:  #65 Super Dress-It ®        

 #65A Super Dress-It®
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PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Dressings & Protectants

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Super Dress-It® is a superior all-purpose, water-based silicone dressing for interiors, exteriors and engine compartments. Restores original beauty to vinyl upholstery and trim, dashboards, air vents, tires, rubber moldings, vinyl tops, hoses and more.

DIRECTIONS:  Shake well. Spray on or apply by hand with an applicator. 
For a high gloss finish, allow to dry. For a satin finish, allow to dry, then remove excess with a clean cloth.

ONLINE AVAILABLE SIZE: 16 oz. (additional sizes available through your local Auto Magic® distributor. Call 800-826-0828 or click here for more information)

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Super Dress-It® can be used for dressing engines, tire and fender wells and other interior and exterior surfaces.

RECOMMENDED USE: Super Dress-It® is a concentrate formula that may be diluted with water to meet specific performance needs. For engines, tires and exterior trim use undiluted, 1:1, or 1:4. For interiors, use undiluted, 1:1, 1:2 or 1:4.

ADDITIONAL USES: Dress the engine sound deadener matt for a more complete look. Also, dress the under carriage and fender wells instead of using a spray paint. 

HELPFUL TIPS:  Mist product on a dry engine for a higher shine. Mist product on a wet engine for a reduced shine and application time.

DILUTION RATIOS:  When establishing dilution ratios, the first number refers to the amount of product needed, in parts. The second number refers to equal amounts of dilutable liquid (water), in parts. For example, a dilution ratio of 1:4 would use four-parts water for every one-part product.

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