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                                     Product Technical Bulletin

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PRODUCT NAME:  #70 Seal-ItŪ      

#70 Seal-ItŪ Abrasive Meter

 #70A Seal-ItŪ
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PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Waxes, Glazes & Compounds

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Seal-ItŪ is a non-abrasive, high gloss polymer for use on clearcoat and conventional paint finishes. The unique, fast dry formula hazes quickly and leaves a rich, beautiful shine. Ideal for use on chrome. May be applied by hand or with an orbital buffer.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well prior to, and during use. Product separates by design. For hand application, use a wax applicator in overlapping, circular motions. Allow to haze, then remove with a soft, terry towel. For orbital application, apply to a small area and buff to desired shine. Remove excess with a soft, terry towel.

ONLINE AVAILABLE SIZE: 16 oz. (additional sizes available through your local Auto MagicŪ distributor. Call 800-826-0828 or click here for more information)

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: For use on all types of clearcoat, acrylic, enamel, lacquer, and single-stage paints.

RECOMMENDED USE: Wipe-on/wipe-off quick polymer for new and used cars. Use as a final step after polishing.

ADDITIONAL USES: Use Seal-ItŪ to add depth and shine to any chrome surface. Seal-ItŪ may also be used in the final stages of reconditioning to dissolve road tar, when straight solvents are un-wanted.


Before using Seal-ItŪ, make sure the vehicle is washed well and clayed with CM2200 Clay MagicŪ.

ABRASIVE METER: The Auto MagicŪ Abrasive Meter is an exclusive quick reference guide to the aggressive nature of products in the Waxes, Glazes & Compounds category. Products listed in the green area are mostly waxes or sealants and are not aggressive. Products in the yellow area contain mild abrasives. Compounds are the most abrasive and are located in the red zone.

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