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              Fordlogo.jpg (7289 bytes)
                 Fordappearance.jpg (6215 bytes) Ford's Appearance Reconditioning Manual, used in the auto auction industry, recommends using Auto Magic« in all 6 stages of the process.

                 Extrastep.jpg (12213 bytes) Ford's Extra Step« vehicle reconditioning process identifies  used vehicles which meet high mechanical and appearance standards.
Auto Magic« products are used in this process.
Click here to read Ford's letter.
                 Canadaxtrastep.jpg (10565 bytes) Ford of Canada's Extra Step Applications and Procedures is a process that identifies selected used vehicles that meet certain high standards and are deserving of premium prices at the retail level.
Auto Magic« products are listed throughout.
Click here to read Ford's letter.
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The Ford Direct SMART System is a valuable training aid for technician development and product application in the United Kingdom.
Ford Direct recommends Auto Magic« products throughout the system.

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             toyotalogo.jpg (6865 bytes)   
                 toyotamanual.jpg (7737 bytes) Toyota's Vehicle Certification Handbook contains mechanical and appearance reconditioning guidelines set by Toyota Certified Used Vehicles. Failure to comply to these requirements will VOID the vehicle's certification.
Auto Magic« products are part of this guideline.
Click here to read Toyota's letter of recommendation.

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   Chrysler recommends Clay Magic«

                 Chryslmanual.jpg (10943 bytes) Chrysler's Non-Destructive Paint Repair Book is intended to provide technical training information to individuals in the automotive trade. All test and repair procedures are performed in accordance with manufacturers service and diagnostic manuals.
Clay Magic« is recommended as a remedy for paint over-spray, ferrite spots, stack fall-out, rail car dust and any other steel particles.

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